Private Policy


1.1 Introduction: Exquisite Porte operates the website ( commits to protect your personal information which we will collect from you in any way through our site. Any information that we collect from you shall solely be used in accordance with the stipulations of this Privacy Policy.
1.2 Information Collection and Use: Personal information according to this policy shall refer to information that identifies you. This does not refer to general, anonymous information.
1.3 Consent: Your continued use of our website signifies your consent to having us collect your information. Please note that the following are the ways in which we collect information about you through our site;-
1.4 Methods of collection:
1.4.1 Whenever you communicate with us on the site
1.4.2 When placing an order online, you will submit your personal information which we will use to ship your goods to your requisite location. In this instance you may provide your full name, contact details, credit or debit card details among other details relevant to the fulfillment of an order process.
1.4.3 Whenever you contact us through we may monitor or record your calls. This information is vital in improving our customer service provision.
1.4.4 Whenever you log in on our site, your personal details will be retained
1.4.5 Whenever Exquisite Porte launches promotions, or competitions, your personal details will be required.
1.4.6 We may also collect your information through cookies. This is essential in analyzing our customers’ data.
1.5 How we use your information; Exquisite Porte may use your personal information for the following purposes;-
1.5.1 Order processing. Your information will be used whenever we will be processing your orders. The information will be used to initiate the shipping process as well as confirmation of receipt of goods.
1.5.2 Customer Validation. We may use your information whenever we will be confirming whether you are our customer. This will mitigate the risks associated with cybercrimes, misuse of or damage of our site. as well as a measure to consistently maintain direct engagement of all our customers.
1.5.3 Direct Engagement: We may use your personal information to maintain direct engagement with you as one of our invaluable stakeholder. The information will be handy in keeping you posted on any stock updates, changes to our policies as well as a measure to constantly hear from you on your expectations from Exquisite Porte.
1.5.4 Reporting: Your personal Information may also be used for the purposes of our reporting systems, research, analytics as well as improving operational efficiency.
1.6 Personal Information Retention: Exquisite Porte has no specified retention period of your personal information. The retention depends on the purpose attached to the information. However, should there not be any legal obligation for us to retain your personal information; Exquisite Porte shall not retain your information longer than necessary. Exquisite Porte shall consistently delete or destroy any personal information that would have gone obsolete.
1.7 Disclosure of personal information to third parties. Exquisite Porte reserves the right to access, disclose personal information to comply with applicable laws, regulations and lawful government requests in a bid to protect itself or its users or in solving any customer disputes.
1.8 Contact Details; For any further clarification in matters relating to this agreement, please contact Exquisite Porte on 0714047489, 0783394126.